Virtual Events

Sales Leads? How About Real Sales

Virvent produces trade shows for e-commerce and distribution partners that translate into direct sales. While many virtual trade show companies offer webinars and sales, Virvent provides a fully transactional sales platform that allows your customers to purchase directly at the event. The result? Tangible, measureable sales metrics in real time throughout the event.

More than just online, Virvent offers a virtual interface for live shows where exhibitors can help place and measure orders for customers.

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 Product Updates

vEvents Version 2.0 Released!

4/25/2016 - Virvent is proud to announce the latest version of the vEvents platform. Beginning in June 2016, all existing shows will be updated to the newest version.

New features include multi-tenant support, customizable show floors, enhanced booth utilities for exhibitors, multi-customer support for single users, cleaner show administration and more!

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Because Anyone Can "Build" Software

Virvent doesn't just build solutions, we build partnerships. Your business is unique, no other company does what you do, so why should your solution be the same as everyone else's? While the online experience for customers may need to be familiar for rapid adoption, what your business does with the data from the online experience is as unique as your brand.

We discuss best practices and potential pitfalls of your solution before we start any work to avoid as many issues and maximize returns along the way.

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